Pop Princess Birthday Cake in Chiswick

We've been busy baking cakes and a bun in the oven ;) With Baby Bennett due in September the weather has been quite the challenge in the kitchen for myself but team Anges has been churning out record numbers of proper birthday cake STUNNERS including this all-new Pop Princess birthday cake that we delivered to lovely Chiswick.

Pop Princess Birthday Cake Chiswick

Our Pop Princess cake for Serena's 26th birthday fit right into the sunny Chiswick atmosphere with its pastel watercolour style buttercream, three light vanilla sponge cake layers, pink and blue glazed baked buttermilk doughnuts, pastel piped buttercream flowers, mini Ferrero Rocher ice cream cones and pastel candied popcorn. Could a cake BE any perkier??

Birthday Cake Chiswick

Chiswick really comes alive in the summer with its riverside pubs like the Bull's Head and lovely al-fresco brunching spots such as High Road Brasserie and No. 197 Chiswick Fire Station. Personally, I'm doing less pubbing, more brunching these days. Oh, and taking full advantage of stuffing as much cake down my cake hole if I'm going to get chubby anyway, so during this recent heat-wave cake-stuffing by the breezy riverside is ideal! 

Birthday Cake Delivery Chiswick

Happy Birthday Serena - I hope you loved your pretty Pop Princess birthday cake :)

Lots of love,


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