Cadbury Double Decker Partnership

Literally the most exciting project I've had till date that I CAN SHOUT ABOUT!!!

I'm not one to be coy, evasive, elusive, all that. I'll quite tactlessly admit that I lack tact. I blame it on my parents - they had me in the first week of December, which makes me Sagittarius, and one of the more common personality traits is apparently tactlessness/frankness/brutal honesty. It's got me in some tepid-hot water situations before and no doubt will continue to do so but c'est la vie. What lurks in my head eventually bursts out of my mouth so you can imagine how my mouth must have been frothing in excitement to blurt about our partnership with the confectionery giant Cadbury! There couldn't be anything more flattering than being chosen to work with the king of choccie kingdom. #mademymumproud. 

Cadbury presented me a fabulous brief centered around their iconic chocolate bar - Cadbury Double Decker. I was to create three bite-sized recipes homing in on the various delicious components that make the bar legendary - its crisp cereal base layer, soft and light nougat filling, and chocolate coating. 

Cadbury Double Decker

It was one of the most fun projects because I got to play with loads of Double Deckers in the name of Research & Development - I bashed them, mashed them, melted them, rolled them, whipped them. Husband got to try a fair few "fails" quite happily and when we reached the final results it was literally #winning.

The first recipe is the Cadbury Double Decker "Freakshake" Cupcake - a mini chocolate cupcake, with a sea-salted caramel nougat frosting, glazed in chocolate, swirled with sea-salted caramel, Double Decker pieces and a chocolate covered biscuit straw.

Cadbury Double Decker

The second recipe is a Cadbury Double Decker Cookie Sandwich - two "low fat low sugar" emoji style chewy chocolate chip cookies, sandwiched with a soft Double Decker nougat filling.

Cadbury Double Decker

The third recipe is a Cadbury Double Decker Avocado Rocky Road - avocado brownie base (the avocado gives it a smooth, fudgey consistency - removing the need for butter!), cocoa-avocado frosting, a sprinkling of freeze-dried raspberry, cereal crispies and Double Decker shards.

Cadbury Double Decker

These recipes are going to be reproduced a gazillion times to be served on the Cadbury Double Decker experiential bus tour across the UK, and the best bit?? I'm going to be on their London tour this Thursday! So if you see the bus make sure to hop on it - there's a fun itinerary on each deck of the bus and you'll find me on the top deck with the tasting menu.

I'll be sharing these super simple but super tasty recipes soon along with the official photos. In the mean-time if all this Double Decker chat has left you craving choccie, I don't apologise - go and treat yourself! 

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo


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