Birthday Cakes and Baking Blizzards

This week was a big week - some of our birthday cakes and wedding cakes got delivered to Sanderson Hotel, Mayfair Hotel, and Kensington Roof Gardens, all absolutely fabulous venues. 

Three Tier Wedding Cake London

It was also big in terms of achieving personal targets - I set myself a huge goal - get done with baking, decorating and everythinging by 17:00 on Friday, on my tod. It's normally never achievable considering we are the busiest on Thursdays and Fridays for weekend birthday cake and wedding cake orders and deliveries and often get booked up much further in advance than for weekdays (understandably). It's even less likely to be achievable when I'm a lone soldier in the bakery, which as a small business sometimes needs must.

Two tiered Flamingo birthday cake

The only thing that would have made sure I could achieve that target is military precision planning and preparation. And gosh have I had fun doing that and smashing targets throughout the week! So when Friday came along, I was all prepped and raring to go go GO. I was literally a blizzard in the kitchen and I could not believe I was only 45 minutes behind my target finishing at 17:45. WOOHOO!

ALice in Wonderland Birthday Cake

This is a big deal for me. Since we downsized massively to adjust to our new business model and increase efficiency, reduce overheads etc it's been quite a tough adjustment. Our cakes are incredibly labour and time intensive - macarons, doughnuts, chocolate modelling, all sorts of hand-made stuff ON TOP of all the baking and decorating. While that is there, we have enough data to know our peaks and troughs and to adjust our workload accordingly so we don't have staff "downtime" (time is money y'all) needs so much PLANNING. I literally spend 1.5 hours a day, sometimes more, doing just that and it is the most useful time I spend. 

Birthday Cake Delivery London

I gave myself a huge pat on my back when I saw all the cakes together. To see what I could achieve in record time without compromising anywhere was the best feeling. To know my tiny team can produce so well and efficiently working together is also a great feeling. And then of course, all the lovely feedback we've been getting just makes me that much prouder.

And to then cross 30k followers on Instagram is the cherry on top :)

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo


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