Bespoke Fat Unicorn Birthday Cake

Last week was a WIPEOUT! We felt the pressure of having tons of bespoke cake orders to make and deliver all around London. As a team we couldn't be happier. But, it did mean everyone had to bring their a-game to the table (no pun intended) and work bit longer than normal.

Bespoke Vegan Unicorn Cake

So, why are bespoke cakes more expensive than standard birthday cakes? First, it's because of the extra time required to dream up the cake. Next, it's the extra attention required throughout the process. Finally, it's because of the extra physical and emotional labour that goes into each of cake. It's immense I promise you.

Bespoke cakes need a complete team effort, including from the person buying the cake. It starts with the first communication where we listen to the customer and come up with ideas and designs to suit their bespoke brief and budget. The team effort continues all the way to the actual production and delivery of the cake. I will never underestimate how important every member of our team is in making cake dreams come true.

This week was especially gruelling as we had a larger than normal number of bespoke cake orders. It would have been easier to turn down some orders. But disappointing customers - some of which have waiting a long time to order from us - isn't something we like to do. I am so pleased to know that my team are onboard with putting our customers first and going the extra mile. We don't care for easy options, we want ALL the options.

Even though we had a tough week that was both physically and mentally challenging, we did have some heart-warming moments. One moment in particular, stood out. A lovely customer ordered the Vegan Fat Unicorn Cake for his and his husband's joint birthday party. With the order came two requests: he wanted it "extra-camp" and "VERY rainbow."

The customer purchased the vegan cake and customised it to be non-vegan as he was the only person with an egg intolerance, forgoing his own needs. My team thought it so considerate, that despite their long week, they wanted to do something extra special for him. Normally, I would be like, "Yeah sure, you guys do as much special as you want. But on this occasion, we had a long week and all needed some rest, plus it was Friday." But the team choose to stay on and go above and beyond regardless. It warmed my cockles to no end.

So we further customised the cake. We added a small vegan chocolate drip cake tier on the top and tweaked the design. We placed one unicorn on the top and the other on the bottom. The other tiers were made with layers of rainbow cake stacked on top of one another. These were then frosted in rainbow coloured stripes and decorated with buttercream swirls and whirls. VERY rainbow wouldn't you say?

Bespoke Vegan Unicorn Cake To Order

It was International Women's Day not so long ago (and I know my post is a bit late after a hectic week). I wanted to acknowledge and express my gratitude to the women I am so proud to call my colleagues - Nadine and Dani. I once heard this saying: "Your vibe attracts your tribe." While I don't know what kind of vibe I have, if this is my tribe, I'm happy with this vibe.

Bespoke Vegan Unicorn Cake London


Lots of love, 
Reshmi xoxo


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