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Last week was a WIPE OUT! We suddenly felt the pressure of having lots of bespoke cake orders being made and delivered all across London and even further beyond, and as a team we couldn't be happier. But, it did mean we were stretched beyond simply stretched, and pulled some crazy hours. 

The reason our bespoke orders are more expensive than our ready-to-order birthday cakes online is because of the extra attention, physical and emotional labour that goes into each of them - right from the start where we listen to the customer, come up with ideas and design elements to suit their bespoke brief and budget, and all the way to the actual production and delivery of it. It's a complete team effort. I will never under-estimate the very important role our manager, baking team and delivery drivers do in making our customers' cake dreams come true and to life.

This week was especially gruelling as we had a larger than normal number of bespoke cake orders. It would have been the easier option to "turn off the tap" and say no to customers however I am so pleased to know that my team are cut off the same cloth as me - we don't care for easy options, we want ALL the options. And even though we've had a week full of long hours, physical and mental exhaustion, challenging customers and the usual small business hustling struggles, and at any one given moment one of us was a thread away from total burn-out, we did find some truly warming moments. One such moment for me was when my team recognised the very special occasion for one of our customers who ordered the Vegan Fat Unicorn Wedding Cake for his and his husband's joint birthdays. He wanted it extra-camp and VERY rainbow. 

Fat Unicorn Wedding Cake

The customer purchased the cake and customised it to be non-vegan as it was just him with an egg intolerance, whilst all his guests were fine with egg. My team thought it was so considerate of him, and the fact that he was so lovely, that despite their various exhaustive states they wanted to do something extra special for him. Normally, I'd have been like, "Yeah sure, you guys do as much special as you want, I'm outta here as soon as I can - it's freakin Friday night, we're SLAMMED and hangin' by a split end!", but to think the team actually wanted to go above and beyond regardless warmed my cockles to no end. So we customised it further by adding an extra small vegan chocolate drip cake tier on top and tweaking the design where one fat unicorn was on top, and the other on the bottom, and the other layers were rainbow cake layers with rainbow sponge on the inside as well as frosted in rainbow colours outside, complete with rainbow buttercream swirls and whirls.

Bespoke Fat Unicorn Birthday Cake London 

It was International Women's Day on Friday, and I know my post is a bit late (but since I've only just come up for a breath since the manic week ended, I hope I'm excused), but I want to acknowledge and express my gratitude for the immense women I am so proud to call my colleagues - Nadine and Dani. I once heard this cool saying, "Your vibe attracts your tribe", and I don't know what kind of vibe I have, but if this is my tribe, I'm happy with this vibe.

Bespoke Fat Unicorn Birthday Cake

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo


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4 8,10,12& 14 84