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Beautiful Gender Reveal Cake in Central London

Forgive me for the most boring and generic blog post title, for this post is anything but boring. I may havejust created the most non-naff, cringe-less, gender reveal cake ever. And I'dreally like people to find it on the world wide web as the trend for gender reveal parties hots up more and more!
Personally, no, I did not find out the gender of my baby before its grand arrival. I liked the surprise and the guessing games with everyone who commented.Literally, EVERYONE commented.My supermarket check-out lady said boy, my Fedex guy said it was a boy (to which I replied, "I bet you know cuz you're the DELIVERY GUY harharhar"). Pretty much everyone guessed it was a boy.Some even backed it up with pseudo-scientific explanations (the bump is more out than wide, your face is long etc). And yes, I had a little boy.
Gender reveal parties are getting more and more popular now. Like a baby shower, but perhaps a bit sooner when the gender of the baby is found out and kept secret. Only to be shared with a cake maker for example, and then revealed via a surprise element at the party, like the colour of the sponge inside a cake. I thought they were silly and exclaimed to my husband, "What a daft concept." Husband said, "What's daft? It's as good a reason as any to have a party and cake." I conceded. Since then one of my closest friend's had one for which we made the cake (ohhhh the pressure of knowing the gender before she did!).And then wewere given free reign-ish to design Rhiannon's (@rhitrition) gender reveal cake!
Rhitrition Gender Reveal Party Cake
Rhiannon's friends got in touch saying she loved the cake I had made for Amanda and shared on Instagram.But as it's a gender reveal, we tweaked it to a pink and blue theme with the colour of the sponge revealing the gender inside.
Of course, the cake needed to be INSTAGRAMMABLE (a word I dislike but it's kinda what we do). And nothing screams more INSTA than a fault line style cake.A two-tiered cake with three layers of pink/blue sponge inside and striped in pink, blue and white buttercream.
Gender Reveal Fault Line Cake - buttercream stipes process
Gender Reveal Fault Line Cake - stacking two tiers
And then pink, blue and white swirls galore!
Gender Reveal Fault Line Cake with coloured sponge
I'dinitially suggested adding chocolates as decor but I reneged on that idea - itjust looked better with less. This is where I'm so grateful for any artistic license afforded to us when creating bespoke cakes.I think the pink-blue gender reveal cake looks lovely without anything else but a few pops of Jammie Dodger biscuits looked super cute too.
Gender Reveal Fault Line Cake London
We had the cake deliveredjust in time to Mortimer House in London for Rhiannon's gender reveal party. I hope the cake-cutting is a super-fun and suspense-filled moment for her and all her friends and fam.
We decided to donate the proceeds of the cake to the Great Ormond Street Hospital on this occasion.
Gender Reveal Party Cake
Lots of love,
Reshmi xoxo

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January 20, 2022

Hello, I am meeting my daughter and her husband in London the last week of January. She lives in Germany and me in the states. We want to do a gender reveal at a dinner. Can you do a reveal cake for 6 people? If so, how much would that be?

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