Alice in Wonderland Cake Weekend

After a bit of a sleepy August we've been woken up with our birthday cake order book filling up fast and furious. It's nice to get a little breather when the weather is warmer because the bakery turns into a FURNACE and having a few cheeky early finishes to enjoy a slower London is much much appreciated.

Birthday Cakes

Also during this time we've done some cool (and some crass) new designs like our incredible Croquembouche Cakes but it's exciting to have things speed up again for sure. We also noticed some funny trend fluctuations in orders...one week the Netflix and Chill cake is super popular, another week it's the Chicken and Waffle cake but this week it was the Alice in Wonderland cake! Possibly my favourite week then as I have SO MUCH LOVE for this design.

Alice in Wonderland Cake

Some of the Alice in Wonderland cakes were further customised - while it is normally made with Red Velvet sponge layers, Zyanna's birthday cake was customised with vanilla sponge and Kyla's birthday cake was customised with unicorn-style multicoloured rainbow sponges.

Alice in Wonderland Cake

Of course I haven't got images of them cut into, cuz y'know, they're not for MY birthday so I can't share images of them sliced but HOW cute do they look with those chubby chocolate toadstools, ritzy golden chocolate teapot and swilling salted caramel tea cups?

Alice in Wonderland Cake

We've delivered birthday cakes across lots of awesome and varied hotels this week - Baglioni Hotel, Berkeley Hotel, Ace Hotel Shoreditch, Hotel du Vin Wimbledon, Hilton Hotel Paddington and Bulgari Hotel. London must be tourist heaven with the Stirling being so cheap - lucky tourists! And lucky us popping into such glam spots, even if just via cake form.

Lots of Alice in Wonderland love,

Reshmi xoxo

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