9 Ways to Completely Sabotage Your Wedding Cake

It’s meant to be the most special day of your entire life, filled with firsts- your first kiss as newlyweds, first dance as newlyweds, and that first cutting of the wedding cake. The wedding cake has become a central feature in the tradition of the wedding day and just like every other detail, you want it to be perfect. We look at 9 ways one can completely sabotage your wedding cake, to make sure you don’t make the same mistake!

1) The cake doesn’t match the theme of the wedding

While the traditional wedding may have been predominantly themed around the colour white or ivory, these days weddings are much more personal in their approach to colours and themes. From the festival, bohemian style to the dark and dramatic, anything goes these days when it comes to the wedding theme, with couple’s keen to imprint their personal stamp on the day. The last thing you want is to roll out a super traditional white cake, when your theme has been ‘rustic’ or ‘tropical’. Make sure to find the perfect cake to match your special theme as a couple. From our Rustic-Chic Macarons and Roses Vintage Wedding Cake to our Sushi Wedding Cake, whatever the theme, we have you covered.

Unusual Sushi Wedding Cake

2) The wedding toppers don’t resemble the couple

The classic image of a wedding cake has to include the cake topper, representing the newly married couple. You don’t want to risk sabotaging your cake however, with a cake topper that doesn’t represent the couple themselves! There’s nothing more awkward than a cake topper with the wrong colour hair, or one that’s pulling an awkward pose. Avoid the drama completely by considering our Birdcage Buttercream Wedding Cake, with our hand modelled love birds taking the place of a traditional topper.

Birdcage Wedding Cake

3) Someone drops the cake

It’s undeniable- some of the larger wedding cakes are heavy, with their layers and tiers of cake, buttercream, and ornate decorations. That’s why you want to plan ahead in terms of how you are going to get the cake in place. Our suggestion would be a tray with wheels, meaning you can wheel the cake into place at the right moment, without worrying about wobbly hands leading to a cake splatter in place of the cutting of the cake.

4) The kids get the first try of the wedding cake

This has happened more times than you think. Even as adults, we find cakes alluring, so just imagine how attractive that dream wedding cake looks to little hands. To avoid those little hands trying your cake before you do, make sure to store it somewhere it can’t be found by little ones, unless handprints and little finger pokes were the look you were going for!

5) You purposely chose colours you know the other partner won’t like

If your wife or husband has strong feelings towards a team, be it football, rugby, or even just their high school colours, it might be worth considering this before choosing your wedding cake colours. There’s nothing worse than your wedding cake inadvertently reminding you of the team you love to loathe in all its glory! We have even heard a few rumours of wives secretly putting their husbands rival football team colours inside the cake as a practical joke. Unless your partner has a very good sense of humour, we would suggest avoiding this one!

6) You get the wrong name on the cake

Imagine it- you’ve not only chosen the ideal cake for your big day, but you’ve had it personalised with your names. But hang on? Didn’t they know your name is Catherine with a ‘C’ and not a ‘K’? Avoid uncomfortable misspellings and mistakes by double checking with your cake decorator the spellings and writing out any names very clearly on the form. If there is a mistake, never fear. At least the name on the marriage certificate will be correct!

7) The cake collapses

It’s an iconic image- the traditionally layered wedding cake, yet all those layers can come with a risk of collapse if not done properly! Take no risks and ensure your cake has a solid foundation, or is made by experienced wedding cake makers, who know all about how to structurally build the tower of your dreams. Take no risks with our Four-Tiered Buttercream Dream Wedding Cake.

Buttercream Ivory Wedding Cake

8) They don’t like the flavour

It’s your special day, to celebrate your new life as a married couple, so you naturally want everything to suit your taste. That’s why it’s a real shame to end up having a wedding cake in a flavour you don’t even like! Don’t be pressured when it comes to the flavour, and go with what you’d want the cake to be, after all there is plenty of choice, be it a Vegan Fat Unicorn Wedding Cake or a Ghetto-Riche Salted Caramel Wedding Cake.

Unicorn Wedding Cake

9) There’s no knife to cut the cake

You’ve got the perfect cake, in the perfect flavour and it’s now that special moment where you cut the cake…but hang on… where is the knife? Avoid awkward moments on the big day by making sure you plan ahead and have a large knife on standby ready for the moment- otherwise you may be making do with a butter knife!

So there you have it, the 9 key mistakes to avoid sabotaging your wedding cake! We hope you manage your big day without any of the above, but in the worst-case scenario, don’t get too caught up in it. The most important thing is celebrating the love you and your partner share.

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