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Who else had misty eyes when Nadiya won the Great British Bake Off? I sure did. Not only because I thought she was such a worthy winner (Helloooo...That Pop Fizz Cake?! GENIUS), but I thought her win meant so much more than that. Unlike other competitions, the focus was not on her appearance, or where she was from or what she did before - it was entirely on her skills, her drive, and her journey through the show, ultimately becoming a better version of herself, which really is the biggest win ever. 
Nadiya GBBO
Of course, her win also marked the end of #GBBO 2015 which also makes me cry because now I don't really have a Wednesday night replacement of quality telly and will sorely miss my weekly dose of marvelling at her expressive eyebrows. BUT luckily we've got the #UnderdogCakeOff competition to recover from the #GBBO blues and the great news is that ANYONE can get involved and win awesome prizes such as classic Fortnum & Mason hampers and gourmet Anges hampers!
The theme around the competition is Recovery and the Underdog - the cute accident-prone pooch with a cheeky smile, and it's open to amateur bakers,  professionals and kids. Details for entry and prizes can be found on the competition sponsor's website, National Accident Helpline.
Underdog Cakeoff
I'll be judging the competition from photos only so please take clear photos and tag your entry with #underdogcakeoff on Instagram or Twitter and complete the form on this link
So get your creative flour flowing and your baking brains on! It could be a great excuse to bake for a poorly family member, and get the kids involved in the fun bake-off spirit during half-term. Let's not forget the posh prizes people! 
On your marks, get set, BAKE,
Reshmi xoxo

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