Mystery Macaroon Competition - Oreo Cookies & Cream

The past few weeks have been a bit quiet around here as we moved flats! I think most adults will agree with me here when I say moving is one of the most tedious tasks EVER. House-hunting is stressful, packing is boring, moving is tiring, and unpacking is just the pits. We've finally moved out of Kensington where we called home for seven years to a much more suburban setting further out west (Zone 4!). Being removed from the hubbub and in a quiet place was just what we needed to actually feel a sense of relaxation.

Being small business owners, and living with my business partner, we bring "work" home. But to work at home effectively we needed to minimise distractions. And I don't mean distractions like telly and chores. I mean distractions like noise and voices. We used to live in a beautiful quaint mews off High Street Kensington, until the commencement of two basement builds, with three more in planning applications, and super loud neighbours moving in. While we may currently be living on top of boxes and bubble wrap and there will be time yet till everything is unpacked and homed in our new home the peace and quiet is intoxicating! I finally feel like my system is rebooting and my brain is re-juicing! 

As a result of the reboot and re-juice my Instagram account JUST got more exciting. After such an incredible response to our first ever MysteryMac competition we'll be doing one monthly! The MysteryMac comp is where I post a teasing pic and ask followers to guess the flavour - tag a friend in your response and you may both win a baggie each in guessing the right answer! So our first one was this:

Mystery Macaron Competition Instagram

Whoaaaa wouldja see that response?! 222 likes and 39 guesses!

Pastel blue speckled macaroon shells. The most popular guess seemed to be Mint or Chocolate-Mint. There were some genius pairings (blueberry and cream cheese) and some real comedy ones (cheese & onion!), but only 1 person guessed the real flavour - Cookies & Cream!

oreo cookies and cream macarons

Congrats @0507jm and @lorencameron :) So happy you popped in to grab your stashes! And thank you to everyone who participated - I can't wait to do the next one!

Crushed up oreo cookies in Belgian white chocolate ganache sandwiched in between cocoa speckled pastel blue macaroon shells. These are such babes, mah nu flava of da month! We'll soon be launching this in our online macaron gift shop as they were such a sell-out at the shop.

Oreo Cookies & Cream macarons

Wanna play? Follow us on Instagram and jump on in.


Reshmi xoxo

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