Branded Logo Corporate Cupcakes: TalkTalk Plus TV

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Good gifts are ones that stand out as they're the ones that will be remembered. And the best gifts are the ones that stand out for being FABULOUSLY awesome. As obvious that may be it isn't to all as I recall receiving a 4 foot tall Perspex phallic dolphin statue as a wedding present - sure it stood out and I remember it well, but by no means can I ever say it's the best present ever...anyway, I'm not here to talk about phallic wedding presents, I'm here for cupcakes as corporate gifts. Cupcakes are widely recognisable and in general a welcome gift but cupcakes at Anges stand out on their own and make their mark for all the right reasons. 

 Branded Logo Corporate Cupcakes

We delivered assorted boxes of unique customised corporate cupcakes for TalkTalk to be gifted to journalists and press teams for their Plus TV brand. Soft lofty sponge topped with our signature smooth Swiss Meringue Buttercream, glazed in smooth and silky Belgian chocolate ganache and decorated with fun and kooky toppings like macaroons, cookies, candied popcorn, Rolos etc. Literally layers upon layers of deliciousness in taste and textures, customised with hand piped logo chocolate plaques to reinforce the brand message for corporate giant TalkTalk.

 Branded Corporate Logo Cupcakes London

A gorgeous eye-catching assortment box of these cupcakes is kinda like opening a Pandora's box but full of naughty treats. Sure you can gift cupcakes that are simply iced slapped with a logo on top but the whole point of corporate gifting is to get people talking about the company and message and remembering the brand name with positivity. And how could you NOT remember anyone with anything other than HAPPY THOUGHTS when you get a box of pretties like these?! TalkTalk knows it...

Branded Logo Cupcakes London

At Anges, we categorically don't do dull so if you're looking to stand out and up above the humdrum with your branded corporate cakes, get in touch with us, we're gonna get along just fine!

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