Is this the Craziest Wedding Cake?!

Three tiers of absolutely bonkers crazy and totally unique wedding cake-ness was served up at Joni and A Sai's wedding at super trendy wedding venue, MC Motors in Hackney, East London. Oh how I wish I had a photo of it in-situ as I bet this crazy beauty fit right in with the cool vibes of the venue!
Wedding Cakes London
The bottom tier was Red Velvet sponge, cream cheese Swiss meringue buttercream, middle tier was chocolate sponge and top tier was vanilla sponge all glazed with glorious dripping chocolate. We were SO excited to bake this cake as the brief was just BONKERS! We were told to go cray-cray with the topping of our baked buttermilk doughnuts, macaroons, chocolate shards and popcorn. And not just ANY popcorn...our BRAND NEW colour candy coated sweet and salty popcorn! I am so in love with the cascading popcorn down the cake in the various colours complementing the cake - it all just looks like a massive celebration of the most fun and tasty kind.
With a wedding cake this cool, in a wedding venue as cool as MC Motors, the couple has GOT to be the coolest ever. Also, we literally had 4 days notice to make this gorgeous beauty of a wedding cake so I'm super proud of our shop team and kitchen team working seamlessly to make this happen!
If you're a cool couple looking for the most unusual, amazing, crazy mad beautiful cakes, who you gunna call?! ANGES-Busters!
Crazy Stupid Love,
Reshmi xoxo

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