I'm Only Happy When it Rains (and when eating Lime & Basil Macaroons)

"Yay!!! The HOTTEST day of the year!!! Woohooo! Let's take our tops off!" said no chef ever.

33 degrees in London means 45 degrees in the kitchen. Our chefs are literally MELTING. We're considering ditching the chef whites, baking in bikinis and calling ourselves Anges de Sexy. No, not really. That's never going to happen (unprofesh, innit). What does get us a nano-degree cooler in there other than the industrial air-con is the fresh zest of zingy limes and basil in our brand new macaron flavour - Lime & Basil!

Macarons LondonThese macaroons were so inviting on a scorcher of a day that a random passer by literally tried to PINCH one of these out of my carefully styled shot! Cheeky minx.

It's not just the kitchen that got into a hot mess. We had our amazing new range of display cakes created for the shop window and while we advice everyone to keep their goodies out of direct sunlight...did we take our own advice?! Umm NO. So look at what happened to our lovely window display...#hotmess #cakewreck.

Do NOT place cakes in direct sunlight

Dear readers and customers, please keep your cakes OUT of direct sunlight.

So how do we keep our customers cool? By serving up our delightfully crazy refreshing watermelon slushies and the best iced lattes around - so good that it's bringing all the boys to our yard which incidentally has made a local business owner so incensed that he spends his resources on renting a van to park on the double yellows outside our shop to block passing trade's view. Initially I thought I was being paranoid when I spotted it the first few times but after a week of such shenanigans I was convinced he's been reduced to pettiness in the heat instead of upping his even worse-than-Illy coffee game and watched him get a fat parking ticket LOLLING in my flower crown muahaha.

Best Coffee in Kensington

Business owners, keep calm, keep cool and play nice with each other. Otherwise I'm getting the parking attendants onto you!

Hot sweaty chefs, cake wrecks and disgruntled low-level bitter non-competitors aside, I do feel the most for the rowers at Henley Royal Regatta today which kicked off on the hottest day of the year yet! I hope this cake commissioned for Winchester College's team is absolutely devoured to the last crumb after a hard and hot day's rowing - GO WINCOLL GO!

Personalised Cake London Henley

Keep cool folks.

Hot sweaty love,

Reshmi xoxo

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