What is a Corporate Gift?

What is a Corporate GiftThis may sound like an inane question, and it is! I find it hard to believe that there are articles out there that actually write a long winded explanation to this. Well, I can answer this in ten words – a corporate gift is a gift given by a business. That is that, moving on. The better question to ask is what are the different types of business gifts? Those out there in the know will recognise there are many types of gifts given by a business for many different reasons. This is the question that I am going to tackle.

To rephrase:

What are the different types of corporate gifts?

To answer this question I have broken down corporate gifts by the various recipients.

Promotional Gifts

This is generally a gift of lower value given to a large number of people to promote the company. Subsequently, there are often branded.

Corporate Gifts given to the public

For example, sponsoring a flower bed on a roundabout. These are quite common across the world and are generally well received and have the advantage of providing some public awareness. Other types may include providing donations to public events, providing services for free to the local community, raffle prizes and so on.

Corporate Gifts given to employees

Such gifts are generally not branded and are given to show appreciation for a loyal employee or when an employee (independent of length of service) has excelled. My father used to receive these for every milestone and consequently weren’t highly thought of because he knew they were a matter of course. In the so called glory days, all expenses holidays weren’t uncommon or even new cars. If you know of any extravagant gifts given to employees please do leave a comment as I find this decidedly interesting. At Anges de Sucre we favour taking our employees out for dinner and drinks just to say thank you or when they have gone above and beyond. We find it is very appreciated and good to spend a little time with them in an informal environment.

Corporate Gifts given to potential clients

Also known as a bribe! In a future blog post I am going to delve into the rules and regulations that have been developed over the years governing business gifts.

Corporate Gifts given to a company

This is when a business wants to reward a company as a whole for their good work. In my former life, I had a client that knew there was a common room desperately lacking facilities so they sent a pool table. I thought this was quite considerate and it was certainly well used!

Corporate Gifts given to an individual from another business

The answer to this lies in the title. It is one of the most common we come across at Anges de Sucre and is generally a relatively low value gift just to say thank you for hard work or results. As a rule of thumb they are tokens of appreciation when the company has benefited from another company's hard work.

As you can see there are many types of corporate gifts. I am sure there are many others I haven’t thought of so please do drop me a line and I will amend and improve the article.

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