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Unusual Mothers day Presents :)

Mother's Day 2015

We don't have a very successful track record of gift giving in my house. My father has, regretfully been sent back to the high street, receipt in tow and gift re-packaged to return literally every single gift he has ever purchased my mother in their nearly 21 years of marriage. No word of a lie. From bespoke hankies to satin scarves he can just never seem to get it right. Poor dad. This Mother's Day however, I intend to get it right with a rainbow coloured, melt in your mouth, princess worthy box of macaroons from Kensington's Anges de Sucre. However, if you're willing to take the plunge and go for something adventurous this year, read on to see my list of top unusual Mother's Day gifts.

Unusual Mother's Day Gifts



Unusual Gift 1

I won't lie. My I-need-to-pop-a-valium-before-I-step-foot-on-an-aeroplane mother would kill me if I got her a hot air balloon ride across the London skyline. However, if your mama can handle the height then I would recommend this vertical journey, floating majestically amongst the clouds with a glass of french - it really is a true room with a view. Check out hot air balloon rides here [1]


Unusual Gift 2

If you're too cash poor to splash out on culturally immersing round trip for two (soz mum, one day I swear) then why not purchase your giver of life a london market foodie tour. Find tucked away hidden gems and secret eateries. Tuck into some British grub. Knock back a couple of craft beers. Nibble some traditional chinese dumplings or a slice of authentic, greased up pizza. Sip some British distilled gin...why not, it's Mother's Day right? Explore street food at its finest with [2]


Unusual Gift 3

My siblings and I used to give our mother '1 x free massage' gift tokens for Mother's Day (written in barely legible 8 year old handwriting, and which seemed to strangely never be redeemable - we must have been fully booked I guess). Maybe it's years of racked up guilt, but I think a real surprise gift for your mum this year is a trip to the local day spa. Let your mum put her feet up and indulge herself for today. For a range of 5 star beautifying and relaxation day spas check out [3]


Unusual Gift 4

If you're getting 'night before Mother's Day havent got a gift yet, she'll be so disappointed, god i'm a horrible child' desperate, you can always get resourceful. One of my preferred action plan's is the classic picnic-dinner-on-the-lounge-room-floor/80s home disco night. Pick some flowers from the garden, roll out the picnic rug, order your preferred takeaway (italian is always well received in the face of disappointment) open up a bottle of red and put on 104.5 for some classic 80s tunes and have a disco. You can totally play it off as thoughtful and sweet. After all, a night in with the fam in front of the fire is never a bad idea. Hope these unusual gift ideas inspire you to spoil the individual who made your life possible this Mother's Day. However, if you're after a foolproof, sure-fire way to make your mum's day, pop into Anges de Sucre and create your own picture perfect damask rose and pistachio macaroon box. You can't go wrong (unless your my father, and then, maybe you could)


Lots a love,

Baby Roo X


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