A Londoner's Guide to Kensington

Ooh this is exciting...I was interviewed last week by Forbes Magazine!

Having been a local in the Kensington/Notting Hill area for a long while now I was rather flattered to be given the 'Insider' status by a journalist from Forbes and asked to dish about my favourite bits about the locale closest to my heart in London.

 Forbes Guide to Kensington

You can pop over here to read my full interview along with my top picks of Kensington. 

This pretty map by Alice Peto includes most of my not-to-be-missed spots - the Churchill Arms (London's prettiest pub), Dirty Bones (trendy hot spot for posh fried chicken and cocktails), and the Piano Bar.

Guide Map of Kensington

An ideal day in Kensington? That would surely be a coffee+croissant at Anges, followed by a stroll in the gardens, a boozy lunch at the Churchill, a spot of shopping, ooh and a coin toss for dinner between Il Portico or Min Jiang.

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Reshmi xoxo

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