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Finding Pretty at 1 Holland Street Kensington

Woohoo - our first official set of photos of Anges de Sucre at 1 Holland Street by Anneli Marinovich are in!


This shop is SO gorgeous that it looks good even through my cruddy camera phone (#nofilter too, BOOYA) but, good golly gosh, how fab does it look through the pro's lens?!

You really do have to come over to see the intricate detailing that went into creating such a celebration of colour and beauty by Liz of Blue Sky Flowers, Harriet Parry, and Ceri of Olofson Design who all brought something different to bring my vision to 'life'. Just in case you can't make it over in a jiffy and to entice you to visit sooner, here's a taster up close:

Hand painted songbirds and bluetits, tumbling macarons, citrus fruit and berries, peonies, anemonies, roses, sweetpeas and exotic lilies...


Me striking a pose!

London is generally known for its moody skies and unpredictable weather, but once you've stepped inside 1 Holland Street it's always bright, cheery and in bloom!

'But first...lemme take a #sefie' at the espresso bar!

The burst of colour and frivolity has been balanced out by clean lines and sleek luxury surroundings at the serving counters - black quartz surfaces, marble flooring, gold leaf gilded 'floating' shelves stocked full of our own tea blends, sumptuous hot chocolates and gift boxes.

And that HANDSOME Kees Van der Westen Spirit espresso machine!

Our experienced, talented and friendly baristas create what is fast becoming known as the 'best coffee in Kensington' using Coutume coffee roasted in Paris.

In addition to becoming known for 'the best coffee in Kensington', we've also gotten a reputation for the 'best macarons in LONDON' (our macaron bar boasts 14 flavours and counting!) and the 'best marshmallows EVER'!


We've even got customers from far-away lands seeking our bijou boutique out to take back goodies in gift boxes for friends and family upon request! Got to LOVE Instagram! If you're not following me yet, I'm @AngesDeSucre.

Finding Pretty - Customers from Abroad

I hope this post has created an urgent burning visceral desire for you to visit. A lot of love has gone into creating this 'little paradise' (as described by a lovely Instagram follower) and we love sharing the love!

Come see us :)

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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