The Anges have ARRIVED in West London with the best COFFEE

After 8 weeks of building mayhem we have finally opened our Parma Gray door serving delectable coffees roasted by Coutume in Paris from our super bling Kees Van der Westen Spirit espresso machine, our own tea blends - Earl Vanille, Anges Apres-Midi and Peachy Paisley, complementing the range of fluffy marshmallows and macaroons! Oh and have I mentioned the hot chocolate? Spoilt for choice with milk, white or dark pure single origin chocolates steamed with organic milk by our Kees Spirit espresso machine for a truly rich indulgence - perfect for marshmallow dunking action!


While all hands were on board building the shop (there are some ridiculous photos of myself on Instagram in paint splattered dungarees and floral crowns no less...cuz that's how I roll), we 'soft-launched' three weeks ago with our exemplary range of drinks with the aim to build on filling up the shop over the following weeks with the yummies when I could get back into the kitchen.


So why is our coffee fast becoming known as the best in the area?


The coffee is sourced directly from carefully selected coffee farms around the world by Coutume before being roasted under the keen eyes and expert hands of Antoine Netien, Coutume co-founder. Coutume have the same philosophy to Anges on their coffee and chocolate: only the best will do.


The Anges Coffee Process

First the water is filtered and softened. The softened water is then passed through a Reverse Osmosis system to intensely purify it ready for receiving the delicate flavours of the coffee.    

The current house fudge blend from Guatemala is ground by a super-fast Robur Mazzer – due to be replaced next month by the significantly cooler Kold Mazzer, both with conical blades. The guest blend, a Miel roast from Costa Rica (the beans are dried with their skin on to enhance the natural sweetest of the coffee) is ground using a very accurate Anfim Super Caimano grinder with Titanium blades.

At this point the coffee is ready for the beautifully engineered (it really is a beauty!) and crazy powerful three pour Kees Van der Westen Spirit espresso machine – it's like the Rolls Royce of coffee machines. Our experienced and friendly baristas work their magic and the espresso shot is prepared.




For flat whites, lattes etc, a super fresh high protein organic milk is steamed in a thick steel jug with very dry powerful steam provided by the Spirit. The end product is a fine textured drink whereby the protein of the milk has been broken down and its sweetness released. It really is blissful to start my day with this and I cannot wait to share it with you all!






Lovely images courtesy of Photography by KrishanthiX

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