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Say it with Macaroons and Flowers this Valentine's

Most of us are quite happy to have big adieu to January. For me, it's not so much as bidding adieu to Jan as much as it is saying Hola to Feb! The month of love, pink, red roses, heart-shaped everything. But how much do you know about Valentine's Day? Here are some interesting facts/trivia I found at a lovely Kensington pub, The Britannia:

Valentines Day Interesting Facts and Trivia

Reading the facts on the board drove home one main point - Venus was a goddess of clearly good and classic taste judged by her choice of flowers alone.
If there was anything I would willingly wake up at the crack of dawn for, ANYTHING at all, it would be for flowers. Happily, perhaps not completely coherently, but still willingly.
4:45am, and I was already up, showered and ready to see Liz from Blue Sky Flowers, bespoke florists based in New Covent Garden Market, y'know, the mecca of London's fresh flower trade, to stomp around the market together cherry-picking my favourite blooms, including various types of roses, gloriosa lilies, freesias, anemones, and skimmia, for our Valentine's Day Gift specials. If you haven't been to the market, I would highly recommend you do. Not only have they got the most beautiful flowers of absolutely any type, they also have some crazy, down-right weird and wonderful dye-injected orchids and roses that look so trippy and psychedelic (that may be because of me being up at silly-o-clock but nevertheless...) it's worth the visit alone. And of course, to see the lovely Liz who gives the best tour about. This has got to be one of my favourite parts of the job. I mean, which girl doesn't like flowers?
Liz masterfully created three bouquets from my chosen flowers to complement our macaroon gift boxes that are getting dressed in the sweetest exclusively designed wrapping by those clever creatives at BerinMade. Each bouquet is distinctively different and drop dead gorgeous. These beautiful images were also shot by hot-tog Anneli Marinovich.

Valentines Day Macarons and Flowers Gifts Delivery UK

The Red Romance - an eternally chic and classic bouquet of a dozen Red Paris Roses nestled within delicate buds of red spray Roses and frothy Skimmia

Valentines Day Macarons and Flowers Gifts Delivery UK

Pink Hugs & Kisses - a clutch of pale blush pink Roses, with phlox, eye-catching anemones and delicate wax flowers

Valentines Day Macarons and Flowers Gifts Delivery UK

Crazy in Love - a dozen hot pink Baroness Garden Roses and bright yellow Babe Spray Roses joined together with exotic tendrils of Gloriosa Lily. Hard to pick favourites, but my love for brights is making this my number one!

As for our exclusive packaging, we included some sweet romantic imagery such as picnic hampers and hot air balloons and updated it with a touch of Radiant Orchid - Pantone's Colour of the Year 2014.

Valentines Day Macarons and Flowers Gifts Delivery UK

Valentines Day Macarons and Flowers Gifts Delivery UK

Flowers and macaroons? You really can't go wrong this Valentine's day with that winning duo.

Valentines Day Macarons and Flowers Gifts Delivery UK

Available from our shop online for delivery all over UK mainland now for delivery on 14th of February. Once you've placed your order, relax and memorise the trivia up top before hitting the pub quiz and knocking everyone out with your impressive knowledge bank.
  With love, Reshmi xoxo

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