The Great Gatsby and the Mighty Macaron

So I've not read The Great Gatsby . Which is probably not all terrible as sometimes book-to-big-screen conversions are not too hot, and may even taint memories of the book with disappointment - case in point, Memoirs of a Geisha, one of my favourite books, and one of my least favourite films which I've attempted to sit-through on four occasions and failed to survive it through to the end.
Hence, I might even do things in reverse this time. I'm really looking forward to seeing a great ensemble cast, including a fleeting cameo of Amitabh Bachhan (I'm a bit of a Bollywood buff), playing out a story I'm only just vaguely aware of (indulgent, unrequited love and sorts set in the 20s??) to all the pomp and fanfare that is so typical to Baz Luhrrmann's style.
Another cameo that I'm quite keen to spot is of the mighty Macaron!


Look at Leo looking all pristine and pensive next to that pastel pile of lovely

Image: via IMDB

I may have styled them a bit differently however. A bit more OTT, a bit more opulent. While macarons in all colours, shapes, sizes, are welcome anywhere anytime, I feel a touch of silver, gold, glamour, might have matched the excesses, flapper dresses and 20s glitz and sparkle.


Sparkly silver organic vanilla pod macarons styled with feathers and pearls and sparkly things about

Photography: Heline Bekker


Photography: Heline Bekker

I realise there's a bit of a Gatsby Glamour overload going on over at Pinterest/Weddinggawker/EveryBlogOnThePlanet but I'm looking forward to any of your thoughts on the movie, styling, even the book!


Penguin, sparkly Love Sign, gold macarons

Happy Bank Holibobs you all,

Reshmi xoxo

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April 28, 2015

Hello there! I’d like to know how you managed to get the sparkly silver/gold in your macaron. Is it a food colouring? Any specific brand? Let me know because I’d LOVE to make these glamorous little darlings for my (equally glamorous) aunt when she visits. Thank you!

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