Hot Off the Press! Brides September/October 2012

When Brides HQ got in touch with me about featuring a few of our macaroons in their September/October issue, I squealed at CTO and ran around the living room and jumped onto the sofa Tom-Cruise style. They then selected their favourite three images which would've been really hard to do myself considering how much I love all the images Jean Cazals and I have created. And here they are.  

Strawberries and Cream Macaroon

I found this tatty old map of Paris tucked deep into one of the rickety drawers in the charming Lacquer Chest on Kensington Church Street. Jean and I tried so very hard to use it in any way possible - sticking out of a suitcase filled to the brim with macaroons (too obvious), placing macaroons on my favourite parts of Paris (not quite aesthetically appealing), folding it up and making a tent housing some macaroons (ridiculous). I felt pretty dejected when we couldn't make it work as I so loved this old map. Not just because it's pink and green, it's so wonderfully aged that it looks like it's been all over Paris for many years, and it makes me miss Paris big style. EUREKA moment! Jean placed the Strawberries and Cream macaroon favour box in a chic little champagne coupe and as I'm a big old sentimentalist, placed it over the Marais, our old neighbourhood. I love how this shot marries British and French cultural elements!

Mint Macaroons

The copper angel wings! How Anges de Sucre is THAT?! The styling of this shot by Jean is just so clever, romantic, and completely different to our other shots. I love the different textures and the tones of this image and my eyes being drawn down to the Mint macaroons. Speaking of which, we've uprooted all the weeds in our little London patio and CTO got busy planting truck loads of mint. So only the brightest and plumpest mint leaves go into the ganache which really is the only way to get that fresh mint taste.


Chai Tea Latte Macaroons

What's a girl to do with her wedding dress(es), after having spent hundreds or thousands of pounds, and then a couple more in having it cleaned and stored in those ridiculously large keepsake boxes? I've umm-ed and aah-ed over this conundrum for quite some time now. I'm never going to wear it again. Even if I wanted to, there's NO WAY IN HELL I'm putting myself through the Dukan diet again just to be able to pull the dress over my hips. I don't want to sell it (what did I say? An old sentimentalist!). So I will keep it forever and ever till our future unborn daughter takes a look at it and says no thanks, followed by our future unborn grand-daughter saying no thanks. Unless of course there's a wonderful blue and white china teapot about stuffed full with Chai Tea Latte macaroons infused with warming cloves, cardamoms and cinnamon. There you have it, one of my most personal images - my beloved Pronovias wedding dress, Jean's gorgeous "something blue" china teapot, and our Chai Tea Latte macaroons which is a nod to my Indian heritage and my mom (who makes the best Masala Chai in the world). And to think of it, it's made it into Brides! Aaaaahhh!   So hurry up and grab your copy of. Here's little me with a big smuggy face and my copy.  

Reshmi x  


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