Birthday Cakes and Summer Days

HELLO SUMMER!!! Nice to see you come out of hiding! I'm jealous of all summer babies having their birthday parties on balmy summery evenings. 

This weekend I actually broke out the shorts during my deliveries and had a grand old time delivering birthday cakes to Clos Maggiore restaurant, Beach Blanket Babylon, Gymbox (yup...a GYM!), Bodos Schloss, Hilton Park Lane, and Ham Yard Hotel. 

Birthday Cakes London

The warmest welcome we received though was at the Westminster Boating Base on Grosvenor Road where we delivered a 4-tier bespoke wedding cake. The staff were some of the friendliest and happiest I've ever met and were SO careful with the cake. Club that in with a lovely summery day, riverside views, and clearly Kate & Ali were going to have the best wedding day!  

Wedding Cakes London

Westminster Boating Base

Enjoy the longer days, pitchers of Pimms and Vitamin D while it lasts!

Lots of sunny love,

Reshmi xoxo

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