Skulls and Birthday Cakes

By the time Friday comes around, we're all feeling really ready for a breather on the weekend. We reach a crescendo of birthday cake orders, and now increasingly more wedding cakes as the season kicks in, for the weekend. Our cakes get delivered to Selfridges and across London, sometimes beyond (amazingly we have deliveries to Cambridge and Portsmouth next week!). So while the kitchen is closed on Saturday and Sunday we're building up momentum throughout the week getting to full throttle in a baking storm from Wednesday. So yes, by the time I get home on Friday night, I'm ready for a bath and my PJ's.

Birthday Cakes London

This week saw some of our latest cakes get so much attention - the favourites were Pink Flamingo and Triple Decker Mascarpone-Matcha-Latte. Of course, the steady stalwarts MacDreamy and Ghetto-Riche birthday cakes were in demand, along with a few bespoke cakes made, including 1 with chocolate butterflies for a friend's baby's 1st birthday. And how can I forget the Triple Decker Salted Caramel Latte!!! 

Birthday Cakes London

We've delivered birthday cakes to the Shard again, this time at the Hutong restaurant, and Browns Hotel. I'm often having to jump in to do a few deliveries myself when it gets super busy and it never fails to amaze me how lovely some venue staff are, and how awful some are. I really wish they would realise they really are doing a disservice to the venue by being sour-faced-power-trippy towards anyone that isn't a customer. The staff at the Shard and Browns are fabulous and make a stressful job a delight so no doubt the celebrations there this week will be truly awesome! As for the sour-puss places, I really hope they are much more courteous to their patrons and if not...well they'll be having great cake at the very least ;)

Tiered Birthday Cakes London

Two-tiered Ghetto-Riche Salted Caramel birthday cake for James' 30th

Birthday Cakes London

Girly Pink Wink birthday cake for Jenia

Frozen Birthday Cake London

Frozen Cake for Shwee!

Pink Flamingo Cake

Pink Flamingo cake for Ziwen's 20th birthday

In between the cake-age we've been playing with skulls in the kitchen. Belgian chocolate skulls to be precise!

Chocolate skull

It felt a bit like being in arts and crafts again where we moulded tempered white chocolate and painted it to look SO freakin' life-like that it freaked my husband out. 

Chocolate Skull

What are we going to do with it? Well...just wait and see me matey. Some fun skull times next week!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo 

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May 30, 2016

Can I order a Skull b day cake.? My man’s nic
k name is Skullie. Much Thanks

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