Macaroons in London

Our sweet treats are pure unadulterated quality and come in a variety of flavours to cater to any tastes. We use our signature recipe and make all our macaroons fresh daily. From classic flavours to more unique treats, we are your go to shop to buy macaroons in London. With the mystery and allure of its hard-to-master recipes, undeniably beautiful appearance in an array of appetising colours, sumptuous flavours and the signature pretty 'frill', it is with little surprise that the Macaroon is often hailed as the Princess of Fine Patisserie.

Aside from being the perfect treat for yourself, our macaroon gift boxes are the ideal gift for clients or as presents. We believe our macaroons are so special that we have created stunning macaroon wedding towers and wedding favours for your special day.

If you're a London local come say hello and visit our sweet shop, otherwise get our delicious treats dropped right at your door and buy macaroons online.

Pistachio Macaron Pistachio Macaron Pistachio Macaron

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  Strawberries & Cream MacaronsPastel Macarons Gift BoxPistachio Macarons Gift Box

Macaroon towers /view all 

 Macaron Tower - 7 TierMacaron Tower - 9 TierMacaron Tower - 8 Tier Macaron Tower - 6 Tier

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Macaron Flavours - Lime Macaron Flavours - Rose Macaron Flavours - Earl GreyMacaron Flavours - Vanilla

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