Macarons London

Are you a fan of a cocktail now and again? Do you see yourself as a bit of a Carrie Bradshaw with a cosmopolitan in hand? Perhaps you prefer a bit of mint and thus like to sip on a Mojito in the sunshine?
Whatever your favourite cocktail may be, imagine the flavours infused in a sweet macaron. Sounds delicious, right? Well you can purchase cocktail flavour macarons London situated from Anges de Sucre. We may be based in London but we deliver these fantastic treats all over the UK and thus everyone can enjoy a taste experience like they have never had before!

So, what cocktail macarons London do we sell? Well let’s begin with the Mojito. Who doesn’t love this classic and refreshing drink? Our macarons boast a beautiful lime green top and bottom meringue with a white creamy centre. And as far as taste is concerned, you may have gathered that you’ll get tart limes, sprigs of fresh mint, and lashings of premium rum.

Perhaps you are more of a Strawberry Daiquiri person? If so, then you will love our red and white macaron. Strawberries, limes and premium rum; perfect summer treat!

Or maybe you would prefer Ms Bradshaw’s favourite – the Cosmopolitan? This is a gorgeous blend of cranberry juice, Grand Marnier, lime zest and premium vodka; the stylish city girl’s drink, and now the stylish city girl’s macaron too.

Macarons London – As cocktails or as desert, they are simply delicious

And if these three are not to your taste then take a look on our online shop to see the other macarons we have available containing a little dashing of alcohol.

If your favourite cocktail is not on there then don’t worry! Why not get in touch and see if we can make a bespoke creation just for you? We are always happy to take custom orders. We love coming up with new flavours and exciting blends.

No other company offers so many flavour possibilities when it comes to macarons London. And the great news is; our cocktail creations come at no added cost to you! They are the same price as all of our other macarons. We believe in charging our customers fairly and this is definitely reflected in the prices we have available.

So, why not pack yourself a picnic this summer and take your favourite cocktail and your matching macaron? Heavenly!

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