French MacaronsHave you ever indulged in scrumptious traditional French macarons before? Whether the answer to this question is yes or no, we are sure you will have never enjoyed a taste experience quite as spectacular as trying Anges de Sucre’s macarons.

Our selection of macarons is truly unique. We have an array of diverse flavours available for you to choose between. We have definitely put our own contemporary twist on the tradition, yet some of our macarons have a delightful French feel running through them.

They are luxurious, opulent and most importantly delicious. You won’t experience French macarons like this anywhere else!

French Macarons – Think of a superlative and it most certainly fits!

Let’s begin with La Reine Vanille – this is our best seller! It is created with 100 per cent organic vanilla pods from Papua New Guinea. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

And then we have the delicious La Mure; named after a commune in France. The macaron boasts an appearance as stunning as the taste; a striking black shell with a vibrant purple filling. And wait until you hear about the flavours; plump, juicy blackberries in creamy melted white chocolate and black meringues.

And how could we have a collection of French macarons without the Marie Antoinette? – Organic rose buds lending a light floral tone to a tantalising combination of fresh raspberries and lychee liqueur.

Then there is the Blanc Neige – in other words ‘Snow White’. This is a blend of white chocolate and cream and it perfectly highlights the more subtle flavours of almonds and cocoa butter.

And let’s finish off by teasing you with the Versailles macaroon. This embodies everything that is opulent and extravagant. It is a smooth Swiss meringue butter cream flavoured with authentic champagne. And if that wasn’t lavish enough, they are embellished with real 24k gold.

Can you honestly say you have heard of a selection of French macarons as scrumptious and innovative as these? And don’t worry; they aren’t expensive either. In fact, you can order a macaron favour box for as little as £2.50!

It doesn’t get much better than this, so don’t delay any longer and make sure you order a delicious French macaron today.

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