Who doesn’t love the sweet and delicious taste of chocolate? The smooth, warm and creamy treat has long been deemed one of the most heavenly foods. No one would have thought you could better the experience of a piece of chocolate Chocolate Macaroonsmelting in your mouth. But when it comes to Anges de Sucre’s chocolate macaroons the taste experience is taken to a whole new level.


A macaroon is a scrumptious sweet treat in its own right. But when it is combined with the heavenly taste of chocolate you can guarantee the result is one that will put your taste buds into overdrive. You have the crispy outer and the chewy inside of the delicious almond meringue cookie used for the top and the bottom of the macaroon. Then in the middle you have the sweet and creamy chocolate filling. It is the perfect combination.


Chocolate Macaroons – They’re more than just a sinful delight


Chocolate macaroons make an ideal choice of treat for any occasion. Lots of brides love to have our chocolate macaroons for their wedding favours. We also get a lot of orders for corporate events. After all, what better way is there to win people over than by offering them a scrumptious chocolate treat? And of course you can always purchase a batch for yourself. We all deserve a little bit of luxury now and again right?


So, what makes Anges de Sucre your number one stop for chocolate macaroons? We make each and every macaroon from scratch. We treat them with the love and care they deserve. This is a luxurious sweet treat and thus it should only be made with the finest ingredients. However, there are a lot of companies who cut corners and use cheap chocolate and alike in order to save money. We don’t do that here. Only the finest Belgian chocolate and free-range eggs will do for Anges de Sucre! That’s why we manage to boast an impressive clientele list, including the likes of Vivienne Westwood and the Saatchi Gallery.


Chocolate Macaroons are just the start – Flavours Galore


Another reason people love Anges de Sucre is because of the vast selection of macaroons we have available. The ‘Dark as Sin Chocolate’ is the obvious choice for those wanting to indulge in chocolate macaroons. This recipe uses the finest Callebaut and Valhrona chocolate to create a macaroon that is deep, dark and delicious.


Nonetheless, this isn’t the only type of macaroon we sell that incorporates a heavenly taste of chocolate. There’s our Mocha macaroon; a beautiful blend of rich coffee cream and smooth dark chocolate. We’ve also got the luxurious Gluhwein; this incorporates a rich dark chocolate ganache that is enriched with Chianti, freshly squeezed clementines, lemon zest and winter spices. There is also the bounty hunter; coconut meets chocolate, and Terry Grown Up; deep dark chocolate given a special kick with Grand Marnier and orange zest – simply divine!


Is your mouth watering yet? We know ours is! But don’t worry; we won’t tease your taste buds any longer! Head to our online shop and order some luxurious chocolate macaroons for yourself. Enjoy!


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